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Heritage Central Cafe


The idea of the cafe was introduced when Kuching city was nominated to promote her old ways and heritage in order to preserve her culture for the future generation. 

The culture surrounding the 'old Kuching' makes her special. Food is an essential part of this culture. Regardless of age, background and race, food has always brought people together to celebrate the peace and fulfillment in their lives.

The Heritage Central Cafe was founded in alignment with the Old Kuching Smart Heritage (OKSHE) agenda.


Heritage Central Cafe is a stunning Cafe that serves local traditional heritage cuisine in the very heart of Kuching city. Located in the heart of Kuching city, at the historical  Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak. 


Our cafe promises authenticity in  Sarawakian culinary from the various heritages; Malay, Dayak and Chinese with various sacred delicacies that are passed down through generations of tradition.


Enjoy scrumptious meals overlooking the  effervescent greens of the historical Padang Merdeka, formerly called Central Padang in the late 1890's. Heritage Central Cafe offers the preservation of true culture and history brought straight to your tastebuds, living up to its name.

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